Saturday, November 20, 2010

I realize I haven't posted to my blog for almost a month. During that time we've both been busy going through the many details related to moving out of our home of 48 years. I haven't even told you that the house has been sold! Yes, the "Sale Pending" sign is up in front of the house, the surveyors flags are flying at the corners of our lot, we've passed the radon test and the bank appraiser has been through the house. How did all this happen so fast?

Over the Halloween weekend we had an offer on the house. We spent the weekend negotiating with the buyers and came to an agreement on Monday morning. Later that day we had a second offer. So, we knew that if the first offer did not go through, we had a back-up offer.

Now it was time to get serious about the move, especially as moving day is next Tuesday! My husband is a real trooper about this, patient with my requests for help, and dilligent about getting his stuff ready to move (at last!).

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