Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Excitement is Building

Today was our "commencement day" at Beacon Hill at Eastgate. That's what the staff calls the time when the future residents visit the facility to take a tour and view progress on completion of their apartment. Oh, and lest I forget, write the check to pay for the life lease of that apartment.

Since we live in the neighborhood, I've been driving by to see how things are coming along, and the progress taking place every day is amazing. Landscapers are busy installing shrubs, flowers, and grass seed. Carpet is being laid in apartments. Electricians are at work everywhere. Dishwashers sit in boxes in the halls, waiting to be installed in apartments. At night, the place sparkles with the light from the chandeliers in the common areas. The new carpeting, which the interior designer chose, has been put down. Here she is in the left photo above, cleaning it, as there was a lot of heavy traffic on it this rainy morning. The facility librarian is busy also, as you can see in the other photo, opening boxes of books that have been contributed by some of the future residents. We delivered our box of books which included some classic fiction, some local history, and some health related books.

The central area at Beacon Hill is going to be beautiful. I have more photos which I am saving for the next blog posting. When I go to sleep tonight, I'll be dreaming of beautiful, comforatble spaces in our soon to be new home.

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