Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner at Beacon Hill

Having just moved in to Beacon Hill at Eastgate, we decide that we would have our Thanksgiving dinner with some of the other newly arrived residents. The chef prepared a sumptuous dinner of all the traditional dishes and set out a buffet line for us in the kitchen. After filling our plates, some of us over filling them, we went into the formal dining room to eat. Of course, there was plenty for those who wanted seconds, another tradition at Thanksgiving, right?

The photo below on the right is of Polly and David McCoy with their guest. Way in the background you may be able to see the chef, in the traditional chef's hat, and the cook staff in white jackets and black caps who were eating their dinners, also. Many residents brought their families, including at least two babies who made their presence known. That just made it all the more a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
The photo on the left is of Rosemary, one of the wait staff, at the buffet line.

The photo above shows Chef Tim cutting the pies. Would you like pumpkin, apple, pecan, or banana cream? I had a sliver of pecan pie and a slice of pumpkin with whipped topping? Yum, yum.

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