Monday, January 11, 2010

Wow! These Guys Can Really Multitask!

I happened to call Laurie in the Beacon Hill office this morning and she said, "Have you seen the windows in the West Wing?" Well, of course I hadn't because when I was over there on Saturday I was just too excited to see the roof over our apartment.

It turns out, she's right. The windows have been installed on the first floor of the West Wing. I have posted above the photo that I took this afternoon. Meanwhile, work on the roof is still going on and men are also working on the area between the two wings where the common areas will be housed.

Not only that, but I noticed today that it looks like there are shower stalls sitting in corner apartment on the second floor of the East Wing. I was so busy concentrating on the roof that I did not see the shower stalls. But, there they are, as seen in the photo below.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Last, We Get A Roof Over our Heads!

Today, being a beautiful sunny but cold winter day, I decided to see how the construction was coming along. I had some letters to mail, so I drove over to the mailbox across the street from Beacon Hill at Eastgate. After parking the car and putting the envelopes into the big blue box, I turned to look at our corner of the building and was so excited to see that men were up on the roof, nailing the boards onto the trusses. On a Saturday! In 23 degree weather! I felt like I wanted to personally thank them for being out there in the cold and I fantasized about having the crane lift me up with a thermos of cocoa and some cookies for them.

I recalled that the construction goal was to have the facility roofed by the end of December. Well, I thought, they are only a week behind. Not bad, considering we had some snowy days in December when no roofing work could be done.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's interesting how time seems to drag when we are young, but when we are old, it just flies by. Another year has come and gone, leaving us once again with a sense of hope as we look forward to the year ahead.

Those of us who have signed up to move into Beacon Hill at Eastgate know we are faced with completing the job of getting the house ready to sell. While the many tasks involved in that preparation can seem overwhelming, we know that the excitement of moving into our new home will motivate us. We don't know when the move will happen, but I'm hoping sometime before the end of March, 2011. We've made some progress in clearing stuff out of the basement, but still have more to do. Stan keeps coming up with boxes of stuff that each of us put up in the crawl space under our family room many years ago. We've forgotten what was in them until we open the boxes and then we are faced once again with the question of what we do with the contents. If only we didn't feel compelled to open the boxes, we could probably throw them out and never miss their contents!

That last comment is not entirely true. Some of the boxes contain family heirlooms. Those require decisions - give to one of the children or sell? My mother had to move several times during her adult life, and each move was to a smaller home. In each of her moves she sold or gave away some family things and antiques, and as far as I know, never looked back. I'll try to follow her example.