Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's the Growing Season, So Watch Us Grow

It's been a long time since I have posted to my blog.  I hope you are still out there, dear reader, because I have some news about Beacon Hill at Eastgate.  I also hope some new readers will find their way to my blog, especially if they are considering the life-changing and life-enhancing move to a facility like Beacon Hill.

Earlier this week there was an assembly of all the residents here at Beacon Hill and we were the first to learn that Beacon Hill at Eastgate will be expanding.  Yes, due to demand for the high quality services which we receive at this Continuing Care Retirement Center (CCRC), plans are being made to add 60 apartments and other amenities to the present 114 apartment complex.  While we as present residents have lots of questions, we know from past experience that the new addition will be of the same quality that we have experience,and that includes the food!

Of course it will take time to get all the details in place, but as I learn of them, I'll be keeping you posted and even include photos of the construction as it takes place.  I encourage you to sign up for my blog and promise that I won't overwhelm your computer with too many postings.