Monday, September 27, 2010

Dining at Beacon Hill at Eastgate

Last week I attended a focus group for those of us who will soon be moving into Beacon Hill at Eastgate. With 13 of us seated around tables, we were asked to share our eating habits... what do we usually eat for breakfast, for lunch, how often do we go out for dinner and what is our favorite restaurant? It was an opportunity for each person to share what is most important for them in the dining experience at our new home.

Those are the words that were used: your home. We heard from Victor, the Director of Dining Services (pictured above on the left) his desire to make the dining experiences responsive to our wishes. "It's your kitchen", he said. Tim, the chef (pictured above on the right) echoed that intention, adding that he plans a community garden behind the building where some of the vegetables and flowers that will be used on the dining tables will be grown.

Our focus group was one of several that were held over a two day period last week. All of the comments will be summarized and will help inform the staff as to what to include in the "dining experience" at Beacon Hill. Cheryl Lucas, the consultant who has been assisting with the plan, said, "We can design a building, but you can design your own food service......We work in your home."

From the very beginning of our relationship with Beacon Hill, my husband and I have been impressed with how responsive the staff has been to our questions, comments, and needs. After last week's meeting, I'm looking forward to being served meals in our new home!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now We're Getting Serious!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I'll bet you thought I had fallen off the earth. Not quite, but I did get sidetracked by an extremely hot summer. I took a vacation from thinking about moving and selling the house.

My big news is that we have a move-in date. We will settle in to our new apartment in Beacon Hill at Eastgate just before Thanksgiving. In the meantime, we have had to lower the price on our house in order to attract what few buyers are out there these days. It's clearly a matter of supply and demand and right now there is an oversupply of houses for sale in our community.

I'm sorting through stuff in the house and moving some of it out. A company called Pak Mail came today to ship some art work, furniture and dishes to our daughter on the West Coast. Pak Mail is a national franchise and they did a professional job of packing the fine china in bubble wrap and sturdy cartons. While the timing is not right, I'm going to make this our Christmas gift to her this year. If she wants a package to unwrap on that special day, she can open one of the boxes of china on December 25!