Friday, March 6, 2015

Dining is An Adventure at Beacon Hill

When we moved into Beacon Hill at Eastgate, now more than four years ago, we discovered that our eyes, mouths, and yes, stomachs, were in the hands of Beacon Hill's highly experienced chef, Tim England. Tim cares very deeply about creating a warm and welcoming dining environment. His staff of mostly young servers are well trained and give us personal attention. 

Each evening we choose from a menu of at least five different entrees and eat in one of three lovely dining rooms.  While residents often admit to not knowing the meaning of some of the words on the menu, we soon learn to trust the chef's choice of sauces and presentation of the food. Dinner is something we look forward to both with the food choices and the friendships we make there. We often are seated with people who are new to us and find that to be a great way to get acquainted. 

As Beacon Hill expands there will be another dining room added in order to accommodate the increased number of residents.  Tim is pictured above, standing next to an artist's rendering of the new dining room.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

First Glimpse at Beacon Hill's Expansion Plans

I'm reactivating my Granna's Apartment Blog in order to document the expansion of Beacon Hill at Eastgate as it occurs.  Excitement is growing as we, the current residents, learn that nearly 100 individuals and couples have put their names on the VIP list of those who hope to move in when the addition is completed in the fall of 2016.

The plan is to add a new wing at the back of the present building.  The new wing will house four floors of luxury apartments, both one bedroom and two bedrooms.  The expansion will also include an additional dining room next to the present dining rooms as well as a garden cafe and auditorium at the rear of the lot.

The artist's drawing above shows the new four story addition with the cafe and auditorium in the background. If you have visited Beacon Hill at Eastgate you can see that the design is planned to reflect the beauty and comfort of the present facility.

I'll be sharing more of the plans and photos in the future.  I hope you will follow my blog and tell anyone who might be interested about it as well.