Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Commons Area

While I've been focused on the progress being made on the East Wing, the commons area that connects the East and West wings has been under construction. This is where all the activity of the Beacon Hill community will take place -- in the exercise room, the swimming pool, library, activities room, restaurants, kitchen, and offices.

Perhaps you may think I made an error when I typed "restaurants". I assure you, I did not! There are to be three restaurants, including the Great Lakes Room (more formal dining), the Club Room (more casual dining), and the Bistro (the spot for a yummy mid morning bakery items and coffee, or a light lunch).

Just a few days ago the future residents of Beacon Hill were treated to a grand luncheon at the Prince Conference Center of nearby Calvin College. The speaker was the woman who is in charge of food service. She proudly showed off the dishes, silver, and glassware that she has chosen for our use and discussed the quality of the food and the service which we residents will receive. Based upon the delicious food at the luncheon that day, I'm going to be sure to order a half portion of the entree! Otherwise, I'll be spending all my free time in the exercise room.

The luncheon was just another of the many opportunities which we have had to meet and get acquainted with some of the other future residents. By the time we move in, I'm sure we are going to know at least a few names, and many faces. As a group, we are all so eager to move in that I think we're going to like a group of kids at Disneyworld -- wanting to do everything and meet everyone at once!

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