Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waxing Philosophical Instead of Just Waxing!

All of a sudden, life got really busy. It must be the fact that spring has arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Two weeks ago, when I flew to New York City to visit a friend and go to the Metropolitan Opera (The Nose, by Shostakovitch) there were great piles of snow on the edges of driveways and parking lots. Upon my return, after three days, the snow was gone.

The spring sunshine coming in the windows of our house shows up all the tiny places where dust has accumulated as well as the finger marks on kitchen cupboard doors. So, I get a dust cloth or lightly damped sponge and take a swipe at the dirt, all the time thinking that the house will need to be perfectly clean when we put it up for sale later in the year. If I clean those marks on the front door today, do you think we can avoid messing it up again? I'd like to think the door will stay clean, but I'm probably naive.

It's pleasant to sit here in the family room and look out the window at the scilla which is coming into full bloom and the daffodils which are budding, but I must get back on track -- going through stuff, recycling stuff, throwing away stuff. I find myself recalling the Bible verse which I memorized so many years ago -- "Lay not up for yourself treasures on earth...." It's not that these things are true treasures, but it is just hard to do the work of sorting through so many things that bring back memories. But, there I go again, delaying the work of the day. I promise to not let so much time go by before my next blog.

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