Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Lady Is Putting On Her Face!

Just like a woman who wouldn't dream of being seen without her full makeup, our building is in the process of having her facade applied. When all the outside panels have been applied and painted, and when the balconies and doors have been installed, she is going to look really grand.
Spring is coming on fast with daffodils in full bloom and trees flowering and leafing out. As soon as the facade is complete, the landscapers will be at work.
The pressure is mounting to get our house ready to sell! I took three boxes of old books and sold them to an antiquarian book store this week. Counting the four boxes of books that I took to the used book sale at our neighborhood library, and one given to a friend who sells books on the Internet, that makes 8 boxes of books out of the house. There will be a library at Beacon Hill and we have been asked if we have books we would like to contribute. It's hard to know which books to save for Beacon Hill. At some point we'll have to share our list with others so that duplicates can be sorted out.

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