Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toting the Beacon Hill at Eastgate Bag

We are now just a little over six weeks from our moving date. The tote bag pictured above was a recent gift from the staff at Beacon Hill at Eastgate. I'll use it on moving day to carry those last personal items that I won't give to the movers to pack and that I will be sure to need right away in our new home. I may also use it when I'm going to the grocery for a few items, thus saving myself several of those ubiquitous plastic bags.

Our house is still for sale, but the last folks who came to see it stayed a long time. As you may know, when you are selling your house, you are to stay out of it while the buyers and their realtor are looking at it. Well, I came home after the allotted time and they were still in the house. So, I parked a few houses away and sat in my car, waiting for them to leave. When they came out of the house, they stood on the walk talking to the realtor, then they went to their car, had another thought, and stood in the road talking some more. A neighbor came out and stood with them, presumably telling them about our quiet street, the nice kids who live in nearby houses, etc. At least, I hope he was giving them a positive picture of our neighborhood. Finally, after 1 3/4 hours, they left and I went back into the house which is still ours.

Regardless of when it sells, we are moving out in November. In the meantime, if you see me or someone else carrying one of these Beacon Hill bags, do stop and say hello. We'll tell you how happy we are that moving day is almost here!

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  1. I'm waiting for my address change announcement in the mail!