Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Very Busy Day

I'm feeling guilty for not having posted to my blog for quite a while. Now, there is more to say than you may want to spend time reading. I'll just give you the highlights and get to the details later.

This morning I attended another of the Moving Made Easy seminars that Beacon Hill at Eastgate is offering to its future residents. The presenter asked me if I thought these seminars were helpful. I replied that Moving Made EASY doesn't really describe the process of downsizing, preparing to sell the house, and planning the actual move. Perhaps, Moving Made POSSIBLE might be a better title. There is nothing easy about moving out of the house you have lived in for 47 years.

This afternoon our realtor came with papers for me, the owner of the house, to sign. Before he left, he put the for sale sign up in our front yard. Wow! Now it's really happening. For those of you who might like a peek at our house, you will be able to see some photos on line as early as Thursday of this week. In another week there will be photos of the rooms from various angles as well as a more complete description of the property. Note, it's no longer our home now. It's become "a property for sale."

This evening a young family is coming to look at my baby grand piano. They have been referred to me by their piano tuner who has already examined my Knabe while another of his customers was interested in it. I'd like the piano to go to a family who would enjoy it, and this may be the family! At least, that's my hope. I'll keep you posted. There's more to the piano story that I'll post later. This is enough for your to read today.

Thanks for reading this far!

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