Friday, April 30, 2010

Making Progress on the Stuff

I do hope my readers haven't been worried about me since my last post about feeling panicky. In the past two weeks, the panic has subsided as we begin to see progress in getting the house ready to sell. Here is what we have accomplished recently:

1. We've decided to list the house for sale on June first.
2. The realtor's photographer has photographed all the rooms. [It took me three days to get all the surfaces cleared off, dusted, and stuff tucked away.]
3. We put out a LOT of paper to be recycled this week as well as an extra huge box of trash.
4. Our handyman has spruced up the exterior of our house and painted the garage walls which REALLY needed painting.
5. I've shipped some "treasures" to my daughter as birthday gifts. UPS did the packing for me.
6. I've chosen two other "treasures" to give to a fund raising auction at Olivet College.
7. After my husband spent considerable time sorting through old family papers, we've taken several boxes of them to our summer home. [Will the kids ever be interested in looking at these? If you keep documents long enough, they become historic and worthy of archiving.]

That's an impressive list, if I do say so myself. Even the basement is beginning to look slightly less cluttered. With June first as our deadline, we'll have to keep at the task of downsizing.

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