Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to Get Serious About Moving

Today is the day after Labor Day. Kids are back at school. The lake is quiet. Time to get serious about all those tasks we have been putting off until "we have time". Our youngest child says he could use our small freezer, so we'll have him take that when he comes to our house for Thanksgiving. The middle kid wants the huge old oak chest of drawers in our basement. He may want to get it at Thanksgiving time, also. It's full of "culch" and will have to be emptied. My husband wants to bring a lot of stuff that's in it up to the cottage, but I don't want to have all those odd pieces of hardware and tools hanging around this place, taking up space, for another 47 years. So, I'll try to argue in favor of sorting through stuff and putting much of it into a garage sale.

We're going home for a couple of days this week and I'm eager to see how the construction is coming along. I hope to see a lot of progress having been made in the five weeks that I have been away. I'll take some photos and learn how to post them on my blog. That will be another learning curve for Granna.

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