Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Climbing the Blogging Learning Curve

I've not been very faithful about writing in my blog lately. My daughter called today to remind me to keep writing, so here I am again. I guess I was discouraged by not being able to figure out how to add a photo of the construction of Beacon Hill at Eastgate. I'll try again today and take my camera to the site tomorrow to get the latest photos to you. I drove by it yesterday and real progress has been made since I took this photo.

I made a little progress on the clearing out stuff process today. Sent an antique item to an auction house in Delaware, Ohio that had been referred to me by my college friend, Alex Heingartner. Later today, the Director of an arts organization stopped by to make a pitch for support and I gave her a book for their library. So, that's two out the door today.

Okay, now I have posted a photo. It actually shows the corner where our apartment will be. That's the curb for the driveway leading to the underground parking. I'll try posting this blog and add newer photos tomorrow.

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