Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Through Stuff Yields a Treasure!

When I was a little girl, my father was into photography in a serious way, taking 16 mm films as well as color slides. One of the films that I remember was of me at two years old. It was called "Betsy's Day" and followed a story line of my day, with a clock illustrating the hours as they ticked away. I loved this old film, but didn't know where it was and hadn't been able to find it in recent years.

This morning, I ventured into the area under the basement stairs and pulled out my mother's old suitcase. There, packed away by her many years ago, was "Betsy's Day"!! Mother always said that when you do some housework you often get rewarded by finding something that you thought was lost.

The film looks to be in good shape and I plan to have it converted to a DVD. If you, dear reader, have had experience with conversion of old films to DVD and know of a reputable firm that does this work, please send me a comment.

Today's post illustrates the value of going through your stuff in order to get ready to move -- finding long-lost treasures. This is an important benefit of moving to a CCRC. We're doing the work so that our children won't have to after we're "gone".

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