Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Last, We Get A Roof Over our Heads!

Today, being a beautiful sunny but cold winter day, I decided to see how the construction was coming along. I had some letters to mail, so I drove over to the mailbox across the street from Beacon Hill at Eastgate. After parking the car and putting the envelopes into the big blue box, I turned to look at our corner of the building and was so excited to see that men were up on the roof, nailing the boards onto the trusses. On a Saturday! In 23 degree weather! I felt like I wanted to personally thank them for being out there in the cold and I fantasized about having the crane lift me up with a thermos of cocoa and some cookies for them.

I recalled that the construction goal was to have the facility roofed by the end of December. Well, I thought, they are only a week behind. Not bad, considering we had some snowy days in December when no roofing work could be done.

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