Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting Serious About Downsizing

Now that our new home is being built and we can see daily advances in the construction process, it is time to get serious about downsizing. After 47 years in our home where we raised three children, we have accumulated a lot of stuff and nearly all of it is ours! Our adult children all have homes of their own and have long ago taken their stuff with them. Sometimes I hear folks our age tell me that they still have their kids stuff, closets and even rooms full of it! I tell them, just have the kids come and tell them it's time to grow up and take care of their own stuff.

I've set a goal of getting something out of this house every day. Setting out the trash and recyclables on Thursdays counts, as does taking things to the Goodwill, and giving some books to a friend who has a used book sale business. For Mothers' Day two years ago I gave rings that had belonged to my grandmother and Stan's mother to our daughter and daughter-in-law. Those were tiny items to get rid of in the bigger scheme of things, but nevertheless, I counted them toward my goal of getting rid of something every day.

It's not easy. I will share my efforts at sorting through the memories at another time.

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