Monday, November 16, 2009

First Contact With a Realtor

Well, I've met with a realtor and taken her through the house. She lives in the neighborhood, so she is familiar with the schools, etc. The house next door sold last spring and is similar to ours, so she offered that as a "market survey". I'm not sure that one house is enough as that house sat empty for a year before it sold and ours has some nicer features, but I'm prejudiced, as you can imagine.

Anyway, she went through the house taking pictures of everything, the mess in the basement included! How embarrassing. Oh well, if we chose her to be our realtor, won't she be pleasantly surprised when we get this place ready to sell?

I'm waiting for the other possible realtor to come to meet us and see the house, then I'll decide which one to work with. All of us who are planning to move into Beacon Hill at Eastgate are being assisted in the move by a Chicago company called Moving Station. I have a contact there who can advise us and will keep the realtor on his or her toes. This a complimentary service offered by Beacon Hill. The realtors will make their reports to my contact at Moving Station and she will advise me of what we need to do to get the house ready to sell. Clean out and paint the basement and the garage are the two biggest projects. If we are wise, we'll do the basement this winter and the garage next spring.

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