Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Some Exercise

We've been residents of Beacon Hill at Eastgate for four weeks now and we are enjoying it. Our apartment is very comfortable, everyone is very friendly, and the dinners each evening are very good. Stan has gained a couple of pounds, which is a good thing as he was weighing less than I in recent months!

For my part, I've been walking the building for exercise. The Wellness Center staff gave each of us a pedometer. This morning, I walked each of the three floors in the B wing where we live and crossed over to the A wing and walked each of the three floors there. I took the stairs between floors, both going up as well as going down. In all, my walk took 25 minutes and counted 2999 steps on my pedometer.

To date, I've not gained any weight here, even though I'm enjoying the desserts we are served at dinner. Can't resist those!

1 comment:

  1. you're going to have to find a walking buddy! How far is 2999 steps anyway?