Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Choices

Last week I attended a "Moving Made Easy" seminar for future Beacon Hill residents. Actually, it could have been called, "It's Your Choice!" We learned about the choices we will have for kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall colors, carpeting, etc. The plan is to make it easy for people like me, who like to look at all the possibilities that are out there before making my choice. I will get to chose from four or more choices in each category. In a couple of weeks I'll take my fabric samples to the sales office and see what will look best with our furniture.

Bridget, who showed us the sample choices, is an interior designer whose specialty is designing senior living centers. That's Bridget in the photo. I think it will be easy for me to chose the items that we will be happy with.
Now, it's getting seriously exciting to think about moving!!!

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